breed of british shorthair cats


Since 2008 is our cattery registred by SZCH in Slovakia a member of FIFe.

We had some home cats ever in our house, people broght me allways some strayd cats searching a new home, knowing that I will keep and love them. But I allways dreamed of a beautiful British with pedigree. All our cats are with excellent pedigrees, with german, dutch or russian lines. We breed cats in blue, lilac and bicolor.

Our cats are living with us in our big house in a great coexistence and tolerance. We feed just quality dry and vet food (Royal Canin, Feline Porta 21, Applaws), as well as beef meat, cream, and vitaminepasts.

But the most important for breeding is our love to them and we are awarded with gorgeous memorable moments with our belowed pets.


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