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After a longer time of several attempts of our lovely cats, today our Nelli-Aretha's Ornella Muti v.Wernerwald gave birth to 2 beautiful kittens, 1 boy and 1 girl. More info and photos HERE.

We got reports and photos of our Kittens from new homes . Kittens from litter C are living in Austria, in Vienna and they do excellent. They are spoiled and have a great playing friend Whiskey

Our Bellgravia found also an excellent new home in Vienna, and not only its new owners, but also their neighbors are over the moon with her. I am glad that Belgi got rid of the stress that she had at home and can live a peaceful life of a sofa pet cat.

Shows in Austria: 09. a 10. 02. 2013 in Hollabrunn, 23. 02.2013 in Stockerau
We participated in exhibitions in the Austrian town of Hollabrunn, two days / club organizes KKO / and Stockerau, one day / club organizes OVEK /. Both exhibitions were very successful, we met with many friends and had great time.
We are very pleased that our promising boy Uspeh Revival got very nice comments at the judgement. He was first time in the open class and got 3 x CAC, gained in 10 months CHAMPION title! In Hollabrunn we received from Mr. Ad de Bruijn a BEST IN VARIETY award and nomination to BIS.
I am very proud of our boy and very happy about his development, as well as his breeder Svetlana is. I would like to say a big thanks for her trust in me. Uspeh is an amazing boy, our sweatheart and everyone loves him to bits.

10.11.2012 - International Cat Show in Vienna, Austria
We attended the exhibition in Vienna. The show was great because there was a dog show too and the program was interresting, sometimes very noisy. Some of the cats were pretty nervous. It was also the first show of our little princess Zhenga. Our sweetie has been very satisfactorily valued by Mr. Ad de Bruijn and got V2. Zhenga is still in development, but she is very promising little girl and has great potential. I was glad of Zhenga managed the show great, stress-free and all the time in the cage played with toys. Our second cat at the show, Nelli achieved an excellent result too, V1 and nomination to BIS.

27. - 28. 10. 2012 - WORLD CAT SHOW 2012, Zagreb, Croatia
We attend a unique cat show in Zagreb. The two days event was very interesting, had a great atmosphere, nice program and we saw a lot of beautiful cats.
We are very proud to annonce, that our breed Bellgravia got an wonderful certificate and an Ex1, against tough competitors. We are very proud of our girl.
We had a wonderful time together with Ivetka /Special Edition, SK/ a Renatka /Rendy cat, CZ/. Thank you girls for much fun and your great company!!! Would do it any time again

21.09.2012 - We start now our redesigned website und hope you will enjoy surfing britishblue.

Jul 2012 July 2012 - we prioudly introduce our new future stud USPEH REVIVAL. He comes from a very well known catter in Russia, Revival from Svetlana Sergeeva. Thank you Svetlana for your trust, we appreciate this very much.

Uspeh has in his pedigree only best lines as Roxera, von Luanda, Britz, Kaloofa. This is our dream male and we are very curious and looking forward to his development. Uspeh is amazing, lovely and good behaviour and we are more than happy to have him in our cattery.

05.05.2012 - today we attend a spetial exhibition in Brno, Czech rep. This was na international exhibition, connected with a annual Cat Congress Conferrence of WCC. So there were judges from all over the world /South Africa, USA, Australia, Norway, New Zealand..../ Our Bellgravia had une female judge from Australia, she received a wonderful V1 . This was a very interesting exhibition with a lot of new experiences and we met some nice friends there.

21.04.2012 - after a longer break we attend to a very nice exhibition in Wiener Neustadt, Austria with our youngstar Bellgravia. Mr. Ad de Bruijn was impressed by her beautiful eye color and her dense plush coat. She recaived an very nice comment in our certificate with un V1 and a Nom for BIS !

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