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Date of birth: 28.05.2010


Father: CH Sir Luciano Pavarotti v.Wernerwald, BRI a

Mother: Aretha Franklin v.Tegernsee, BRI g

Blood group: B

Tests: FIV, FeLv, FIP negativ, PKD neg.


We are very pleased that we could bring in summer 2010 a beautiful cat with excellent pedigree from cattery "vom Wernerwald". Thank you Kerstin!

Nelli, as we call her, has a beautiful pale blue-cream color, dense coat, bulky legs, gorgeous short thick tail. She is a very playful, a lovely individuality. She rarely comes for to receive a cuddle. Nelli became in a young age an excellent mom of our long expected litter "B". She admirably raised 6 Kittens. We are very proud of her.

NL*Siemagic´s Zhenga Girl

Date of birth: 06.07.2012


Father: Britica Magnifico Baileys, BRI a

Mother: SieMagic's Quinta da Sophia, BRI g

Blood group: ...

Tests: FIV, FeLv, FIP negativ, PKD neg.


Zhenga is our new small treasure and a future breeding girl. I am extremely happy that I did the choose to have Zhenga. She is very beautiful, has a great quality coat, light blue color, round big beautiful eyes with already fantastic color and nice and friendly character. Zhenga is a very promising girl, coming from an excellent cattery Siemagic's. Her pedigree is just perfect. I hereby wish to thank very much Mrs. Sieneke a confidence that she entrusted her sweetheart to me.
With our other cats, especially our sunny boy Uspeh are already inseparable friends, what is particularly my big pleasure and we are looking forward to her development.

Belgravia of Eman's Regnum*SK

Date of birth: 08.07.2011

EMS: BRI a 03

Father: IC Nabucco von Ronda*DE

Mother: Aretha´s Ornella Muti vom Wernerwald*DE

Blood group: A

Tests: FIV, FeLv, FIP negativ


BELGI, as we call her, is a kitten from our breeding of litter "B". Since little kitten we knew she is a keeper. We were delighted by her type. She inherited many positive qualities from her parents.

She has excellent distribution of colors, dense coat, incredibly short and thick tail, short and bulky legs. She is sufficiently confident, always trying to get all first. We are very curious about her further development.

From January 2013 she is neutered.

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